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Frequently Asked Questions about Benevo Pet Food

Frequently Asked Questions about Benevo Pet Food

Q. Why choose a vegan diet for your pets?

A. Benevo products meet the nutritional requirements of an animal in an affordable, tasty and ethical way so why not? By choosing a pet food that excludes all animal products  you are making an ethical decision not to support the animal testing and slaughter industries.

People choose vegan foods for a wide variety of reason, which may be cultural, ethical, religious or because their dog or cat has specific problems with meat.

Q. What does ‘Vegan’ mean?

A. Veganism is a philosophical movement that seeks to avoid all animal exploitation, principally to avoid cruelty to animals but also avoid unnecessary environmental damage and to improve the health.

In everyday terms this means no meat, no dairy, no eggs, no honey, no leather, fur or feathers, etc. People who practice that lifestyle are known as Vegans, and products that are designed according to these principles are also described as ‘suitable for vegans’ or often simply ‘Vegan’, such as ‘vegan dog food’.

Veganism is not a religion however, in fact it is practiced by people around the world from almost every religion and culture.

Q. Can cats and dogs be vegan?

questions about benevo A. Dogs are Omnivores and therefore can live on both meat and plant food. Read more about dogs being vegan here.

Cats are classed as Obligate Carnivores meaning their dietary needs have developed a dependency for certain nutrients they would get from the food they eat. Find out more about cats being vegan here.

In the wild, meat would have been the only source however we now have the ability to successfully supply those nutrients from non-animal sources.

Q. How can it have enough protein without meat?

A. Meat is not the only source of protein, so we are able to take various concentrated plant sources and combine them to provide the various amino acids that are required to build bones and tissues.

Q. Do I need to give my dog or cat any extra food or milk?

A. Benevo dog and cat foods are ‘complete’ meaning they contain all the protein, fats, vitamins and minerals required. So it is not necessary to feed any additional food. We need to make a couple of comments here about the difference between cats and dogs.

You can add other things for dogs to eat, including various vegetables if they enjoy them. Milk is not necessary either, as Benevo dog foods contain calcium and many dogs can be sensitive to dairy products which can cause skin irritations.

For cats additional foods are not advised. The reason is that cat’s have some very specific requirements for certain nutrients (Taurine, Vitamin A, Arachidonic Acid) which have been added to Benevo cat foods. If you feed them other foods you risk reducing the overall level of these nutrients that they are consuming which may lead to some health problems in the long term.

Q. Does the cat food contain Taurine?

A. Yes, actually all Benevo pet food  contain Taurine. Almost all cat foods contain synthetic Taurine. Just like the Taurine in the ‘energy drinks’ you see in supermarkets which are also labelled ’suitable for vegetarians’ it is now produced from non-animal sources.

Q. What flavour is Benevo pet food?

A. Benevo don’t use artificial flavourings so the flavours come from the ingredients. Each food is different but formulated to appeal to that particular animal. With the dry foods there is a mix of cereals, vegetables and Brewers yeast and with Benevo Duo moist food, there is a rich mix of tasty vegetables and fruit. Find out more about the ingredients in Benevo here.

Q. What if my pet doesn’t like it?

A. If you are introducing your pet to the foods for the first time, do so over a period of a week at least even longer if possible as some animals are not keen on a sudden change.

If you need to enhance the flavour you can try a few different toppings, adding your dog or cat’s favourite, a little tomato juice, a sprinkle of nutritional yeast, whatever it might be.

Sometimes a little warm water can help soften the food and release more of the flavour. Some customers have told us how they blend the dry food with more vegetables and some water to make their own tasty moist food.

We would point out that you should avoid too much salt, as dogs and cats do not process salt as easily as we can. Also onions and chocolate can be very harmful for dogs so they should be avoided completely.

We would love to hear from more customers who have successful recipes using Benevo products.

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