About Us

Welcome to Plant Based Life!

Plant Based Life is an online shop owned and operated by Vfoods, the company that brought you Violife Dairy Free cheese and Benevo Animal Free Pet Food.

Five years ago we chose to make it our mission to help anyone wanting to move away from eating animal based food by sourcing plant based food products that were not easily found, readily available, affordable and most importantly that tasted good enough for everyone to enjoy!

Now, after 5 years of operating, we’re finally starting to see the changes in demand for plant based food in South Africa and the recognition from our major retailers that a Plant Based diet is not a fad or trend that will pass but a new way of life that millions of people around the world have chosen.  Irrespective of their own personal reasons, the end result is a compassionate lifestyle that saves this planet one healthy, happy and humane meal at a time.

Because of this positive shift that we’re seeing we’ve decided to do even more to help those making the change to a plant based life easy, fun and most of all permanent by providing as much information, recipes and most importantly, great quality plant based products, that will help you eat better to live better.

We are loving the journey we’re on and can’t wait to see what the next 5 years brings to the animal loving, plant eating community of South Africa!

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